These shows are all comedian-produced so follow your favorites on Instagram or something, they will for sure let you know when their next show is happening. That way you’ll be the hippest cat in your group of friends who knows what’s what when it comes to Cincy comedy!

While details about what’s safe vs. what is not safe seems to change every 90 seconds, here’s what you can expect as an audience member at the shows detailed on this website as we weather this pandemic:

  • It is occurring outdoors, so be prepared for weather of all sorts.
  • Seating is socially distanced and groups cannot exceed 4 people.
  • You are expected to wear a mask and keep it on (over your mouth and nose) throughout the entirety of the show unless you’re taking a sip of your drink or a bite of your food. Is that overkill? No safe way of knowing, but the staff has to keep a mask on their face to serve you, so the absolute least you can do is return the favor (and tip 30% minimum – not joking, they’re putting their health and safety on the line, please act accordingly). If any of this is too much for you – we appreciate you considering live comedy, but respectfully request you wait until we return to some semblance of normalcy before attending shows.
  • Some shows have the opportunity to buy tickets or reserve seats. We highly recommend doing so to prevent getting turned away as capacity is significantly lower than before the coronapocalypse happened.
  • Despite these precautions, you assume all risks by attending any shows listed on this site. This country is still a hotbed for a deadly virus that every other country managed to keep under control, so… try to be safe, have some fun, and don’t be a dick!

Saturday, September 19th

Double Feature @ Night Drop (East Walnut Hills)
7:00 Comedy show with a movie to follow
1535 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45206
@DrinkAtDrop for updates